What you want to download?

Download High Five Client

Download Server Files

Installation instructions

1. Download game Client.

2. Download Launcher or Patch.

3. Unzip the files to the folder with the Game Client on your computer.

If you already have a game client, you need to download the patch and unzip it into the game client folder, with the replacement of all files.

Drivers and other files

Below you can find all the necessary programs that are necessary to run and the normal operation of the game.
If you have not updated DirectX - The correct operation of the game is not guaranteed. Check if you have the latest version installed, for this, follow the link DirectX
GPU Drivers
For Nvidia Geforce graphics cards - Check your drivers and update them to the most current version or use the application GeForce Experience
For ATI Radeon graphics cards - Check your drivers and update them to the latest version or use the application. ATI Catalyst

Requirements to play

See if your computer meets the minimum requirements to play

Setup Min Best
Processor Dual Core Intel Core i3
Memory 2 Gigabytes 4 Gigabytes
Video Graphics Intel Graphics 3000 (On board) Nvidia or AMD 2 Gigabytes +
Display Dual Core Intel Core i3
System Windows 7 Windows 10
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